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Well, as you may expect from the I’m back home.

Home means my shared flat here in Berlin, with my great flatmates. Actually I’m back here since few days. Fortunately I found a little paid work, so I get at least enough money to pay my food. This also means now that I have plenty of time. – well actually I thought so. But whenever there is Time, there is something that has been waiting for quite a long time, and when you just start to realize this something bigger burst in. In this case it was a Romanian-refuge-family from Spain with two kids and literally nothing left than the clothes there are wearing that found shelter in our flat. So now again I found some “project” to deal with. These Family are one of the friendliest and nicest people I ever met, and it is quite hard to see how difficult it is for them to find there way here. Special as they only speak Hungarian, Romanian, Spanish and Catalan but now German ore English, they depend on other people who are willing to help them. (I also just speak few words Spanish) Now I’m in a steady contact with different Institutions to get them some support.

  • The school of the Kids – There are really helpful and friendly!
  • Amaro Foro e.V. -T A organisation to support Romany in Berlin and Germany  – There are really good but totally overburdened.
  • Medibuero – a organisation that provide health care to refuges and other people without health insurance. – great organisation with limited resources.
  • a fried of mine who could give a minijob to them so the German administration can’t deny to support them (well actually they still deny it…)
  • people who actually speak Spanish and help us to communicate with them.

So all this actually takes more effort and time than my actual job, so I’m not (only) sitting at home doing nothing….  But I promise I will post some Iran Photos quite soon.

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