Iran Photos Part II: The (former) Embassy of the US in Tehran – “Den Of Espionage”

I was lucky. Really lucky! I had the chance to visit the former US-Embassy in Tehran. A building that normally is not open for the public but a training-centre for the Revolutionary Guards. Only once a year during the “Revolution Week” small museum in the embassy is opened for national and international visitors. I can’t retell the whole story that has been taken place at his interesting place. I strongly recommend to reed at least the Wikipedia article about the “Iran Hostage Crisis” to get an idea how much the whole building and its history still is a very emotional topic in Iran and the US.

I accidental got to know that it was actually possible to visit this building at the time I was there. And I won’t regret the Visit! Even as we where given little to no Information about the shown objects and rooms during the tour we got through the Museum the “Exhibition” spoke for it self. But have a look to the Pictures and see for your self!

Trigger Warning: There is a lot of anti-US, and anti-Israel-propaganda!

Front of the (former) US-Embasy


_IGP0070 _IGP0064_IGP0066graffiti at the stairways

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