Pinhole photos scanned again

Some time ago, I posted some Photos I made with a self-made Pinhole camera. At that time, I had big problems to find a shop that could scan my film. As I already wrote, I was looking to get a scanner.

Now I finally could borrow a negative-scanner. It’s a really cheap and low quality one (MEDION E89000 bought at ALDI), but at least it is a scanner. I didn’t get the scanner-software working, but after a while of trying around, I noticed that Ubuntu recognizes the scanner as a webcam (?!). So, I’m able to “take photos” with it. It’s a dirty workaround, and the quality could be better, but it could be also worse, so I’m still satisfied.

So here now you can see some more photos I made with the pinhole camera. You will probably recognize the most of the Photos from last time, but as I scanned them now by my own, I show them again to you.

Many of the “new” photos are double exposure. I didn’t plan to do so, but when I took the photos I just forgot to wind the film forward.

Now enjoy!



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I had a kind of stressful time, so I did what I usually do when everything annoys me: I booked a flight. One Weekend with some friends in the Romanian mountains helps me more than everything else. Now I might be ready to learn for my final exams. Well at least I hope I will get my ass up and do some school stuff.

Of course I have taken my camera with me:


I just arrived in Cluj Napoca to see the sun going down, still on the Airport I cached the right moment. I was just a bit afraid that someone might do not like to see me taking pictures on an Airport but I didn’t have any kind of trouble. So I could take this nice pic.

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