I’m back!

I’m back to good old germany. I brought a big amount of photos home from what you going to see a small collection here on the blog. But first I need to sift trough to this big amount of photos and convert them in to .jpg. Unfortunately on many of my photos you can see some sensor durst. It’s a lot of work to touch up all this photos, so it may take some time till you may see some results.

Dunes close to the salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

Back after one week of trekking to Choquequirau and machu pichu. It was one of the biggest trekks I’ve ever done. Unfortunately I slept one night on the screen of my mobile and it didn’t like it and just got gave up.. Now I don’t know how to convert my RAW pics to .Jpg… No more pics here at the Blog for the next time…

Photos – Flight to Lima

now, after some days of acclimation I found some time to publish some photos I took with my camera. My first flight from Frankfurt to São Paulo was at night so I couldn’t see anything. I would liked to see a bit of Africa…
But the connection flight to Lima, started in the Morning and I had 7 hours with a really great view to the big rivers that I think belongs to the Amazon. Later I had hours to watch the snow-covered head of the Andes. On the top is a great plano where the I could see the Lake Tikitaka. This hole area is so high that I thought I’m almost able to touch the ground out of the plane. At the cost the mountains incline suddenly. But what I first thought where the water, where in real clouds that covered the see, and couldn’t pass the mountains.

São Paulo
São Paulo


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Pinhole photos scanned again

Some time ago, I posted some Photos I made with a self-made Pinhole camera. At that time, I had big problems to find a shop that could scan my film. As I already wrote, I was looking to get a scanner.

Now I finally could borrow a negative-scanner. It’s a really cheap and low quality one (MEDION E89000 bought at ALDI), but at least it is a scanner. I didn’t get the scanner-software working, but after a while of trying around, I noticed that Ubuntu recognizes the scanner as a webcam (?!). So, I’m able to “take photos” with it. It’s a dirty workaround, and the quality could be better, but it could be also worse, so I’m still satisfied.

So here now you can see some more photos I made with the pinhole camera. You will probably recognize the most of the Photos from last time, but as I scanned them now by my own, I show them again to you.

Many of the “new” photos are double exposure. I didn’t plan to do so, but when I took the photos I just forgot to wind the film forward.

Now enjoy!



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selfmade pinhole camera

Some time ago I found a manual how to build a pinhole camera out of a matchbox. of course I had to try it. Knowing that I won’t get high quality photos out of it, I used a technique that’s called “cross processing”: Instead of a normal negative film I used a slid film (positive film) but then I gave it to the shop for processing with the normal chemicals for a negative film. This normally messes up every kind of colors. In combination with the rough picture that comes out of pinhole camera, I thought it could become a cool combination. I didn’t knew that a slid film needs a much more accurate exposure than a normal negative film, so most of the pics are wrong exposed, so it didn’t work for most of the Photos. But I still got some nice shots.

Later I had problems to find a shop that could scan the processed film, as the automated machines do not like films that do not follow on the normal side ratio, are positive and are totally wrong exposed. Also the one shop that has done it, missed the most of the Pictures. Afterwards I had to inverted the Photos by PC and re-calibrate the contrast. As the Scans where .jpg I couldn’t do much further. But for a fun project I got some cool pictures out of it. I’m still wondering how you can do real photos with that kind of simple self-made tools.

railway bridge

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Brauche eure Hilfe: Suche Wohung für WG-Gründung im Südosten von Berlin

Diesmal handelt es sich um einen Bitte mir zu Helfen. Ich habe ab August einen Job in Berlin Schöneweide und werde endlich wieder nach Berlin ziehen. Jetzt brauche ich nur noch eine Wohnung um eine WG zu gründen!

Vielleicht kennt ihr ja jemanden der jemanden kennt, der wieder jemanden kennt, der gerade eine Wohnung abgeben will. Also: Bitte verlinkt auf diesen Artikel, druckt ihn aus und Hängt ihn auf Arbeit oder sonst wo auf.

Jetzt brauche ich eine Wohnung um eine schöne, große WG zu gründen.

Hier was ich mir vorstelle:

– WG-geeignet für 4 oder am liebsten für noch mehr Bewohner

– Altbau (nicht renoviert evtl. noch mit Ofenheizung?)

– Kosten: Warm 180€ maximal(!) 250€ pro Person

-Termin: ab sofort jedoch auch ab Herbst da ich auch zwischendurch woanders unterkommen könnte

– Lage: nähe S oder U-Bahn mit guter Verbindung in die Stadt und nach Schöneweide z.B:  Neukölln, Kreuzberg, Lichtenberg, Rudow, Baumschulenweg, Köpenick…

– Große Küche oder separates Wohnzimmer (WG-Leben)

– möglichst keine Provision

– die ersten Monate gegen selbst renovieren mietfrei?

– natürlich träume auch ich von tollen Extras wie Balkon, echtem Parkett, Stuck an der Decke, bester Lage, tollen Nachbarn….

Wenn ihr da eine Wohnung habt, oder seht dass gegenüber eine Wohnung passenden Wohnung frei wird, schreibt mir bitte ein Mail an raubwaldy@gmail.com