time has past

Time has past without any sing on this blog. If I would say I didn’t had any time, it would be a falsehood, but fact is that I had some busy days.

I came back to Berlin, willing to found a so-called WG (German phrase for flat-share) and found out how difficult it became to find a affordable flat in Berlin. The former existing of cheap living space has become rare in Berlin. In few quarters the rent had doubled in the last 3 to 4 years.  Finally after months spend on “applying” for flats I managed to find flat and some really nice mate to share this flat. Yea!

Right now we are still setting up this flat, but the most dirty parts like rebuilding a wall are done.

Simultaneously I started my new job in a orphanage with pubescent boys in a shift. Quite a tough job to do here.

All this together brought me some interesting times. Now  I can’t say the next times are gone be more relaxed, but I hope that I might get the discipline to write a bit more frequently.  There are still hundreds of great pictures that wait for me to become well ordered, post-processed and published here.

so far

now this blog is public

Today I announced the fact on Facebook, that I have this Blog, and I will mostly update only that blog. Specially that the company behind Facebook does not respect any data security and privacy makes me angry. I would like to get rid of facebook, but it’s still to useful to abandon it totally. But I will only use my blog for any kind of updates.


Was und für wen blogge ich eigentlich? Was möchte ich dabei über mich preisgeben?

Ich schreibe hier und wirklich jeder der davon weiß kann lesen was ich hier schreibe. Das heißt konkret können alles die mich kennen lesen was ich gerade mache und wahrscheinlich auch wie es mir gerade geht. Doch es können noch viel mehr Menschen lesen was ich schreibe. Praktisch jeder kann diese Zeilen hier lesen. Es gibt keinen Filter der das von mir geschrieben vor irgendwem verbirgt. Ein seltsames Gefühl. Ich schreibe hier darüber was ich mir für Gedanken rund um das Bloggen mache. Continue reading Was und für wen blogge ich eigentlich? Was möchte ich dabei über mich preisgeben?