Sunrise in Champai – Mizoram

just keep in mind that i did not edit any of this photos, its just the pure jpg as it came out of my camera. But if anyone feels like editing or processing few of my photos, just ask I will send you the RAWs. All my photos ar under a CC BY SA Licence, so you are free to do what ever you want with my pics as long as you mention my and my blog and purplish the Photos under the same License.


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Indian Railways – The North-East-Express

Back in Delhi again I managed to get a new passport (my old one is only valid till march 2014) and finally was able to apply for a Iran visa. Knowing the procedure for the Iran Visa, was going to take at least few weeks, I took the “north-east-express” to Guwahati.

The train is suppose to make the distance of 1800km within 34 hours, but India wouldn’t be India, if everything would run in time. The train started already with an delay of 8 hours and, while we reached we where already late of 24 hours….


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Photos: Back in old Britain…

Well, almost back in old Great Britain. In fact in Shimla.

When the British used to rule in India, they couldn’t stand the hot summer so they’ve build small resorts in the foothills of the Himalaya to survive the summer in the chilled, almost European climate. And of course the British also brought there own architecture. So wandering trough the streets of Shima, I quite often thought I might have been beamed back to Europe!



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Photos: wedding preparations

for the upcoming wedding where two families from to different cultures were going to encounter each other, still many things had to be done: the Germans had to arrive, friendships had to made up, saris and suites had to be bought, beards had to be shaved, hands had to be painted etc…   and not to forget: the great Indian food had be tested.

_IGP8448 _IGP8447

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Photos: some views of Varanasi (Update: more photos)

Even as it has already a while since i returned to Delhi, I still want to post some of thees shots i have taken in the old Citz of Varanasi. Varanasi settled on the banks of the rivers Ganges is one of the holiest cities of India. Many Hindus travel to Varanasi just to die here, so there body’s get burned on the Ghats of Varanasi. Most of this photos have been taken during a boots-tour in the early morning.

– to my Indian friends: sorry if you see here a lot of “standard-indian-tourist-photos” but these are still quite interesting for all other nationalities.

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