Iran Photos Part VII: Takht-e Soleymān

Takht-e Soleymān (Persian: تخت سلیمان‎,  “the Throne of Solomon”) is a stunning archaeological site on top of a volcano. Beside the crater lake are ruins from different periods dating back to pre-islamic zoroastrian times. Placed in this hight deserted area, equipped with a spring-lake which is providing endless water its a impressive place. The place was one of the most important zorastrian firetempel. sadly there was hardly any information about this interesting place, so I just link you here to the Wikipedia article:



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Iran Photos Part VI: Ali-Sadr Cave

I’m a big fan of caves. But as much I like to crawl trough dark, tiny and muddy holes, I hate it to be in a group of tourist that is hurried on concreted routs trough a electrified tourist spot.

I totally would classify the Ali-Sadr-Cave as a developed tourist attraction (even as they only expect domestic tourists).

But, there is a big but. This Cave is outstanding! Its, enormously big, It is even so huge that this huge amount of people that is being booted trough the cave almost vanishes in this great halls and lakes. You enter an parallel world and automatically  start to look out for Gollum and other magical creatures…

And the top of all came Afterwards: In this area we had so much snow that we asked if we could pitch our tent on the snow-exempt parking. Instead we got invited for tee and Lunch, and in the end we where allowed to camp in the waiting hall of the cave.  Wow!

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