Photos: Back in old Britain…

Well, almost back in old Great Britain. In fact in Shimla.

When the British used to rule in India, they couldn’t stand the hot summer so they’ve build small resorts in the foothills of the Himalaya to survive the summer in the chilled, almost European climate. And of course the British also brought there own architecture. So wandering trough the streets of Shima, I quite often thought I might have been beamed back to Europe!



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new lens

Last week I bought a pretty old lens on E-Bay. It was so cheap that I couldn’t regret it. Now it has arrived. It’s a Sigma zoom 28-80mm 1:3.4 – 4.5. It’s so old, I have to set everything manually by my self, even the aperture.

I just wend  out and took some photos and I must admit I’m a bit proud about this few pics. I didn’t do much editing just few tweaks with Rawtherapee.

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